… and in New York

I’ve been so busy recapping my trip to Italy that I’ve forgotten to blog about the awesome things Marc and I have been doing in New York!

Last week, we went to the opening of German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse at MoMA. I knew nothing about German Expressionism before we went, and it was interesting to see the progression of subjects from nudes to prostitutes to war-ravaged skulls. The exhibit runs through July 11, so there’s plenty of time to check it out. The exhibit website provides a great first look, grouping pieces by styles, themes, and techniques.

On Monday night, we went to see a film at BAM. Shortly after we moved into our apartment, we received $20 coupons for BAM as a reward for taking a building-related survey. Our coupons were expiring on March 31, so we decided it was time to finally cash them in. We decided to use them to see Certified Copy, a trip of a film about a French woman and an English man spending an afternoon in the Tuscan countryside. It was certainly a well-done film – the distractingly beautiful lead actress (Juliette Binoche) won Best Actress at Cannes for the role, and much of the camera work was interesting – but I spent so much of the film trying to figure out precisely what was going on that I think I’ll need to see it again. Every time I thought I had a handle on what was happening, something would happen to make me question my interpretation. It was particularly interesting for me, having just returned from a trip to Italy myself.

Last night, we were able to visit Pompeii: Life and Death in the Shadow of Vesuvius at Discovery Times Square. We really weren’t sure what to expect, but it was really neat. I imagined it would be a gallery-style presentation, with artifacts displayed, but it was much more like a museum. The exhibit was laid out in five basic parts: (1) a short introductory film, (2) artwork, (3) a film about the eruption of Vesuvius complete with a vibrating floor and flashing lights, (4) casts of the bodies from Pompeii, and (5) miscellaneous objects from daily life. The artwork was my favorite part: the frescoes were so colorful and spirited, and I loved the small bronze household gods. The price tag for the exhibit is pretty steep, but there’s a lot of really interesting stuff in there, and it’s all presented with enough context to make it really captivating.


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