Italy 2011: Day 6

I just got back from an amazing ten day vacation in Italy with my folks! This is Day 6 of our trip.

We didn’t want to spend our entire time in Italy in cities, so we hired a tour guide to spend an afternoon in the Tuscan countryside. The weather wasn’t ideal for such an outing, but it wasn’t completely ruinous: it was only grey and drizzling, not pouring or storming.

Our trip through Tuscany is after the jump!

We toured with Luca from Hills and Roads, and he picked us up at our hotel. We started with a visit to the Sant’ Appiano Winery, where we sampled a rose and three varieties of red.

in the Sant Appinao winery

barrels of wine

After that, Luca took us around the countryside. I don’t recall everywhere that we went, but we visited some extremely old villages in the Chianti region, had fresh pasta for lunch at La Toppa, and even visited an Etruscan tomb. (We all know how much I love the Etruscans!)

ancient church built on remains of Roman temple

Tuscan countryside

Tuscan countryside

Tuscan countryside

ancient Tuscan village

Etruscan tomb

another winery

Tuscan village

We were all pretty tired when we returned home, and Mom decided to take the night off. Dad and I headed down to Lob’s, a seafood restaurant. I ordered the salmon flambe … because it’s entertaining when your dinner arrives on fire.

Coming up: We take the train to Venice, whereupon we immediately get lost!


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