Italy 2011: Day 7

I just got back from an amazing ten day vacation in Italy with my folks! This is Day 7 of our trip.

On Day 7, we packed up our bags and moved on to Venice.

Italian pride, in bedsheets

Do you remember the problems I had with my suitcase leaving Rome? This time I had the opposite problem: my suitcase handle was stuck in the “up” position. No matter what I did, I couldn’t coax that darn thing back inside! It made loading the suitcase on the crowded train difficult, but we somehow managed. My dad was a real rockstar when it came to finding places to stash all of our bags!

Read on to see how we liked Venice after the jump!

After arriving in Venice, we bought three-day passes for the vaporettos. We were staying at Casa Verardo (which turned out to be our favorite hotel of the trip), which is located not far from Piazza San Marco. It was a long boat ride from the train station to our stop, but traveling along the Grand Canal is a fun introduction to the city.

After we got ourselves settled, we grabbed some lunches in a small nearby square and then set out. We were armed with a map that clearly showed how meandering all the tiny streets were, but I still didn’t fully understand how much you feel like a rat in a maze in Venice. The streets are really just alleys: narrow and surrounded by tall buildings. It’s impossible to see any landmarks unless you’ve made your way to a bridge or a small square. Within minutes, we were lost in such a way that we couldn’t even find ourselves on the map.

I have to admit, though, it was kind of fun. I like getting lost and then finding ourselves again. Once we determined our location, we plotted a route to our destination: Santi Giovanni e Paolo, a large church filled with fascinating funerary monuments.

funerary monument

We then walked on to Santa Maria dei Miracoli, which houses an icon that has supposedly been working miracles since the fifteenth century. The church itself has a marble-covered exterior and intricate marble sculpture inside.

Santa Maria dei Miracoli

miracle-working icon

marble sculpture

We then walked over to the Ponte di Rialto for some photo ops.

on the bridge with Dad

Then we got ourselves a fortifying cookie and took ourselves for a walk, finally taking a break for prosecco at Cantina Vecia Carbonera. Later that night, we had dinner at a restaurant we found around the bend behind our hotel, where the server pushed that night’s special – the sea bass – pretty hard. He kept insisting that, in addition to what we had ordered, we needed two seabasses: one for Mom and Dad to share, and “a little one” (here he used his hands for demonstration) for me. We disappointed the poor guy and refused to order his seabass.

Coming up next: We visit the glimmering Basilica di San Marco!


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