Smartly: Adventures in Foreign Pharmacies

I’m on Smartly today! Yay!

If you travel with me, chances are good that we’ll need to visit a pharmacy. I’ll probably hurt myself or develop a headache, and, even though I should have known better, I probably will have left my bandages and acetaminophen at home.

Click over to Smartly to read the full piece: Adventures in Foreign Pharmacies!

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One response to “Smartly: Adventures in Foreign Pharmacies

  1. I read it and thought that I have been lucky when very seldom I need pharmacy on abroad. It has been twice: once in Frankfurt, Germany in which very friendly service. Second time in Santiago de Chile. Also very friendly and professional service.

    Few weeks ago I bought Mobile phone in which I can access all the world ( internet, Wikipedia, weather, traffic cameras, YouTube videos, WordPress, HD video camera, digital camera, Google etc, etc, etc. It has of course translator. Let us say it is portable computer in my hand.
    It is Nokia E7. The best in that series:

    European pages.
    U.S.A. pages.

    Next time buy some Good mobile phone like Nokia E7, and then You’ll have not problems in pharmacies abroad. You can use any Internet translation program also, if the normal translator of the phone is not enough. What I like most of all in Nokia E7, is Qwerty keyboard. Fantastic easy to use and fast!

    Happy blogging and travel!

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