Italy 2011: Day 9

I just got back from an amazing ten day vacation in Italy with my folks! This is Day 9 of our trip.

We started our last day of touring with a visit to the Rialto Market. I’m a sucker for a big outdoor market, and this was probably the nicest that I have seen. We strolled through the fruit and vegetable stands (where we bought some apples for snacks), admired the flower carts, and checked out the fish market.

fish market

Read more about our last day in Venice after the jump!

After we left the market, we took a vaporetto over to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. The Peggy Guggenheim is an extremely well-curated collection of modern art housed in a palazzo on the Grand Canal. I know modern art (and especially modern art by American artists) isn’t why people go to Venice, but I had wanted to see it. We really enjoyed it. They do a really good job with providing information on the pieces, which really enhanced my understanding and enjoyment of the art. Two of my favorite pieces from the collection were Alchemy by Jackson Pollock and Empire Light by Magritte.

We then grabbed a surprisingly good lunch at a little cafe by the Accademmia while we plotted what to do with our remaining time. We ended up walking along the Zattere to San Sebastiano, a church with some exceptional paintings. When we found it, however, it was closed for restoration.

Venetian canals

more canals

We moved on instead to the Campo di Santa Margherita and perused a flea market. We then walked back the way that we had come and visited Santa Maria della Salute, a church with a large, iconic dome.

Santa Maria della Salute

Dad & I resting on the steps

We then took the most crowded vaporetto ever. It reminded me of trying to cram onto the 134 heading down Michigan Avenue during morning rush: someone’s elbow in my kidneys and someone else’s armpit in my face. We were headed to the Ferrovia stop, but we abandoned ship at San Marcula. I needed to get off that boat! We were headed to the Venetian Ghetto, and we were close enough to walk from San Marcula. We had missed finding it on an earlier walk, and we were surprised to see how close we had come!

We revisited Cantina Vecia Carbonera for another glass of prosecco, and then we went home to pack. We had a very early wake-up call the next morning! We had dinner at a little trattoria on a back street, and then we climbed the Rialto Bridge to get a look at the supermoon!


Coming up next: We leave Italy …


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