Italy 2011: Day 10

I just got back from an amazing ten day vacation in Italy with my folks! This is the last day of our trip.

Pro tip: Don’t schedule a 7:00 am flight out of Venice. If you do, you’ll end up wanting to get to the airport by at least 5:30 am. (I would venture to say even earlier. The airport was a madhouse, and there was limited staff to address problems.) You’ll need to leave by 4:45 am, and so you’ll need to have a 4:00 am wake-up call to ensure that you’re up, dressed, packed, and checked out. You’ll also have to travel by water taxi since there aren’t any other travel options at that hour. Oh, and once the water taxi drops you off on the airport docks, you’ll have to stumble around in the dark, dodging folks wanting to carry your bags for money, looking for a sign to point you towards the terminal … which is something of a hike away.

Of course, there is one benefit to such an early flight:

sunrise at VCO

If you recall, the handle on my suitcase wouldn’t go down. I still couldn’t get it to go down when it was time to leave, and I was worried that Air France was going to give me a problem about it. I was ready to pay an oversize bag fee just to get the thing home, but the nice lady behind the desk, after warning me that it would most likely get broken, let it through. Imagine my surprise when my suitcase arrived in New York with its handle inside! Of course, then I couldn’t get it back out, even though I unzipped my suitcase and tried to coax it out that way that I had in Florence. Oh, well … it gave me a perfect excuse to take a cab instead of wrestling with that thing on the MTA. I was pretty exhausted. I hadn’t slept on either flight (from Venice to Paris or from Paris to New York), and I just wanted to get home.

That concludes my series of posts about my Italy trip! We had such a fantastic time, and I hope you enjoyed reading about it. All of the posts are now linked up in my travel page, and you can see all my pictures on flickr.


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