new (to us) restaurants

Last weekend, we tried out a bunch of new (to us) restaurants. (Those will have to tide us over since, after our new produce delivery, we have so many veggies in our fridge that we are never eating out again, ha!)

☆ On Thursday, we had dinner at Bacchus Bistrot, a French place near where we live. Bacchus was one of the restaurants participating in Dine In Brooklyn, so it had a three course prix fixe for $25. Our dinner almost didn’t happen … I had made reservations using Open Table, and I accidentally made them for a restaurant called Bacchus in Buffalo, New York! Once I realized it, I was able to remedy the situation. I was glad it worked out: everything was really good, from the wine to the fresh bread to all our food to the sinful chocolate cake.

See my Yelp review of Bacchus Bistrot.

☆ On Saturday, we had dinner with some friends at an Italian place in the East Village called Paprika. In general, I’m not a fan of Italian food (I know, I just returned from Italy!), but I really enjoyed our meal. In particular, I liked my salad: a Bibb lettuce salad with anchovies and a garlicky dressing. It was so good.

See my Yelp review of Paprika.

☆ On Sunday, we met some friends for brunch at The Smile. It’s an unassuming place located below street level on Bond, and we probably would never have seen it if it hadn’t been recommended. Our brunch was delicious! Most of our table had the baked eggs on special, but I had a fig jam and cheese sandwich with arugula, yum.

See my Yelp review of The Smile.


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