cherry blossoms, the founding documents, and Bo

As I mentioned on Friday, we headed down to the DC for the weekend. After a rocky start (in which the Q decided to run local … slowly … and then stop between stations, causing us to dash blindly for a cab with ten minutes to cover ten blocks and two avenues), we arrived in our nation’s capitol and had a fantastic time!

White House

the White House (taken with Vignette on my phone)

We stayed with one of Marc’s good friends and her boyfriend, and they were fantastic hosts. We all went out for sangria and tapas after we arrived on Friday, and it was delicious. I hadn’t had tapas probably since before I left Chicago, and I had missed it!

The next morning, we headed off to the Cherry Blossom Festival and then walked around the Tidal Basin to look at the cherry blossoms themselves. Most of them were past their prime, but there were a number that were still quite beautiful.

cherry blossoms in bloom!

cherry blossoms

After lunch (and a sighting of the Presidential motorcade), we separated from our hosts to do some touristy things. We stopped first at the Renwick Gallery, a small museum with some interesting art. We then moved on to the National Archives, where we waited in two long queues: one to get inside and one to the see the founding documents. It was worth it; it was really neat to see the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights up close. We also popped inside the American Art Museum for a few minutes. There’s some really neat stuff in there, including the fascinating Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii.

We then grabbed bottle of wine and headed over to visit my good friend Johanna and her husband CJ. They shared some (much better) wine and cheese with us, and then we went out for Ethiopian food.

The next morning, we joined Johanna and CJ for the White House Garden Tour. The tour lets you up right by the White House, and we even caught sight of Bo, the First Dog, hanging out by the White House steps. The grounds are, as expected, beautiful, and it was fun to see the Kitchen Garden and the honey bees.

with the White House

in front of the White House


Bo, the First Dog

Bo, the First Dog

White House Kitchen Garden

White House Kitchen Garden

We said goodbye to Johanna and CJ and hit the American History museum, where we saw the flag that inspired the national anthem, Dorothy’s ruby slippers, Julia Child’s kitchen, and Kermit the Frog. We took a lunch break at the Pavilion Cafe in the sculpture garden, and then strolled up the mall. The weather had turned sunny and warm, and it was a perfect time to just walk around. We stopped into the Museum of the American Indian and then hung out up by the Capitol.



Then it was time to gather our stuff and make it back to the bus! We watched a few episodes of The Wire on the ride, and we were in New York before we knew it. It was all in all a very successful weekend!


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  1. Just wanted you to know I love the new layout! Happy Monday, BlogFriend. :)

    • Thanks! :) One of the things that I love about WordPress is the frequency of new themes … but then that leads to me changing my theme all the darn time! I think I might have found a winner this time!

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