Friday Links

☆ There’s a new Hyperbole and a Half! The simple dog gets away.
☆ A young visitor was decidedly not impressed by MoMA.
☆ I’m still sad that they canceled All My Children, and I didn’t even watch that show.
☆ The mayor of Florence thinks he can control the Jersey Shore cast by prohibiting them from being filmed drinking in public (among other things). I think this man is unaware what he is in for.
☆ Has anyone else seen the show about couponing? They have so much cereal. It’s kind of disgusting.
☆ We finally finished watching The Wire last night. (I’m so sad that it’s over!) Here’s an old article I found discussing television’s great anti-heroes, which includes one of my Wire favorites. (It’s noted that people surveyed also included Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in that list, and to that I must agree.)

Happy weekend!

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One response to “Friday Links

  1. I was so excited to see a new Hyperbole & a Half too! :)

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