dyed eggs and Easter dinner

I love dying Easter eggs. We made a late night trip to Pathmark on Saturday night to procure our egg-dyeing-kit, and we dyed our eggs late last night. We used the same brand of kit, but our eggs didn’t turn out nearly as bright as they did last year! (That bright orange one is an exception, and that one rested in the dye for about ten minutes while we took a cake break.)

We dyed our eggs after we had our Easter dinner. We’re not typically much for “meat and potatoes” meals around here, but, it being Easter, we wanted a more traditional holiday meal. We picked up some lamb and braised it with caramelized onions and red wine (in a only slightly modified version of a Bon Appetit recipe), and it turned out so good. I didn’t even know that I liked lamb. We were pretty impressed with ourselves. We also roasted some tiny little potatoes with quartered baby artichokes.

And … as alluded to earlier, we baked a cake! We made lemon pudding cake, and, although it was more than a little messy since we don’t have a stand mixer, it turned out so incredibly well. The top gets cakey and the bottom part gets puddingy, and the whole thing tastes like a lighter, fluffier topping from a lemon bar. I’m surprised that we were able to make something that delicious.

I hope everyone else had a good Easter weekend. We had a lovely day yesterday (aside from a brief late afternoon shower and the evening thunderstorm), but today it’s bleak and foggy again. At least it’s starting to feel like spring!

Update: Marc has examined the photographic evidence and determined that we did not use the same brand of Easter egg dye. This year we used Paas; last year it looks like we used Dudley. We’ll have to remember next year that Dudley is the way to go!


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