what not to do with coffee grounds

We go through a lot of coffee around here. Marc drinks a cup each morning, and, while I try not to drink coffee during the week, I drink more than my fair share on the weekends. (Yeah, I know, I have a really healthy relationship with caffeine. /sarcasm ) Our machine brews one cup at a time and pushes out the grounds in neat, compact disks. One day, when I was throwing these away, I remembered a fantastic coffee scrub that I used to have (maybe from Bath and Body Works?), and I wondered if I could create a similar thing.

the not-so-attractive coffee scrub

The short answer: Yes, I can … but, no, I shouldn’t.

I found some various recipes on the internet and combined them, ending up mixing some coffee grounds with olive oil and brown sugar. The resulting scrub is quite invigorating, but it makes a huge mess – both in the bathtub and one myself. I just cannot get all of the grounds to stop sticking to me!

I give myself an A for effort, but I think I’ll be purchasing my coffee scrubs going forward.


4 responses to “what not to do with coffee grounds

  1. “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” words to live by ;)

  2. Katie, gross! You crack me up. =)

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