Smartly: Why I’ll never get an e-book reader

I’m on Smartly today!

I am the very definition of an avid reader. I can lose entire days when I have my nose in a book. One of my favorite topics of conversation with my girlfriends is what books we’re reading. It was only natural then when e-book readers were introduced for those same girlfriends to ask when I was going to get one.

Head over to Smartly to read the entire piece: Why I’ll never get an e-book reader!

Do any of you have e-book readers? How do you think they compare to physical books?

Hey New York readers, are you interested in writing for Smartly too? Smartly New York is actively recruiting new writers. Apply here! (If you’re not in New York, you can still use the same form to apply to one of the other Smartly sites.)

One response to “Smartly: Why I’ll never get an e-book reader

  1. Well I haven’t read a book in like 2 months (terrible), but now that all the good shows are over for the summer, I will get back into my reading! The only time I think about e-readers is on the bus, when I’m standing. It would be so much easier to just hold the tablet, rather than a whole book. But then I remind myself that my bus ride is only 10-15 min anyway – not worth the time to open a book!

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