chocolates improve your day

My Wednesday did not get off to a very good start. On my way to the subway this morning, I realized I didn’t have my keycard to get into my office building. I went back to my apartment to find it, but it was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere. Everywhere. I went through the pockets of what I was wearing yesterday. I looked in all my purses. I pulled the cushions off the couch. I looked in the bathroom cabinet and the refrigerator.

Then I remembered that I had been wearing the navy suit yesterday, not the grey suit. I had gone through the wrong pockets. I found the keycard! I hurried down to the train …

… just in time to get smashed in the doors of the B. Ow. That always hurts.

But then I got to work and found chocolates on my desk! And, soon after, someone brought me brownies!

chocolate day

My day began looking up.


5 responses to “chocolates improve your day

  1. One word … AAAAMEN!

    So glad your day took a turn for the upside. :)

  2. i got smashed by the elevator doors today… but no one gave me chocolate. wahhhhhh

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