to my dad


Thank you for always taking care of me, whether it was locking the monsters in my closet each night or making sure I had groceries.

with Dad

my graduation from law school, May 2008

Thank you for giving me the skills necessary to be succeed in my chosen profession, but also for giving me your sense of humor and whimsy.

drinks at the hotel on my birthday.

my 29th birthday, August 2010

on the Chicago Architecture boat tour

taking the Chicago Architectural Tour, August 2010

Thank you for always setting a good example, in everything from work ethic to how to treat other people.

at the Ara Pacis, March 2011

Roman Forum

at the Roman Forum, March 2011

Oh, and thank you for that trip to Italy with you and Mom! I’ll never forget it. (And thank you for letting me lead you through the maze that is Venice in the middle of the night just to look at the supermoon!)

spotting the supermoon!

spotting the supermoon on the Rialto Bridge, March 2011

Thank you for everything, and thank you for being you.

Happy Father’s Day.


PS: There’s another picture of us on the Register-Mail’s website!


3 responses to “to my dad

  1. Uncle John and Aunt Ruth Anne

    Katie, this is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful father!

  2. This is awesome Katie! Please tell Uncle Rick Happy Father’s Day from us and that we love him.

    Sean, Karla, Emma, Jake and Olivia

  3. how am i just seeing this post? it is great. i love you, KB!

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