Liz’s Visit

As I mentioned last week, my friend Liz recently visited me. I promised to write about her visit the next day, but, well, we see how that turned out, huh? I’m sure my blogging will become more regular once I get used to working again. Anyway, better than late than never!

Liz flew in from Chicago on Thursday night, and, by the time she made it to my place, we were both exhausted. It was my first week of work, and Liz had dealt with a delayed flight, a long queue for a cab at the airport, and a cab driver that took her on an unauthorized tour of Downtown Brooklyn. We went to bed pretty much right away.

On Friday, Liz explored the city while I was at work. I was working on a big project, so I didn’t get away from work as early as I had hoped, but Liz entertained herself quite well. When I left work, we headed downtown for dinner at Ofrenda. That place has the best margaritas. They make this one called a “smoky jalapeno margarita,” and it’s really something else. It has a serious kick to it. Liz ordered something called the Mexican Lady, which turned out to be a pink margarita that the bartender set briefly aflame! (I do love things that are on fire.)

Liz intended to run a race in Central Park on Saturday morning, but, unfortunately, that didn’t work out. After she had returned home and I had finished up some work, we headed out into the drizzling rain for some sightseeing. We stopped first for lunch at Nanoosh, and then we headed to Argo for some after-dinner tea. We heard a crowd on the way there, and we wanted to investigate, but figured we would do so with our tea. Our tea took forever, though, and the crowd was gone when we exited the tea shop.

We were disappointed, but we continued on to Washington Square Park … where we found the crowd! There was an Indian Festival going on, so we walked around the park a bit and took it in. It was nuts: tons of people, lots of music, all sorts of booths and homemade-looking statues around. Oh, and there were Delicious Snacks.

would you care for some delicious snacks?

After our fill of the Indian Festival, we walked up through the Greenmarket at Union Square. From there we headed up to Madison Square Park, where we found some sort of barbecue meat and beer festival taking place. We continued on up to the Empire State Building, but the weather was so overcast that you couldn’t even see the ESB until you were standing directly under it! Even then you couldn’t see much. After a quick trip into Macy’s and an unsuccessful trip to Sephora, we headed home so that I could do some more work and we could rest before heading out that night.

We had no agenda for dinner and ended up wandering around a bit before deciding on Sushi Samba 7. I hadn’t had sushi in a long time, and, man, was it good. We split edamame, a few rolls, and more wine than was advisable.


We then moved on to Barrow Street Alehouse, where we had the sweetest waitress. Liz dominated the jukebox with country songs, and I learned that one cannot put dollar coins in jukeboxes. (Seriously, how am I ever supposed to get ride of those dollar coins the metro in DC spit out at me? They’re good U.S. currency!) We stayed out way too late … late enough to justify a slice of pizza before heading home!

The weather on Sunday was much better than it had been on Saturday, so, after our reviving breakfast lunch of bagels and Vitamin Waters, we headed back into Manhattan for some more sightseeing. We walked through Times Square (where Liz was nearly decapitated by a self-absorbed pigeon), got trapped by the Puerto Rican Day Parade (this being the second year in a row this has happened to me), popped into the Algonquin Hotel to look for their cat (although this proved unsuccessful), and then hung out in Bryant Park (and silently judged the mother letting her baby play in a random puddle).

We had to head home all too soon so that Liz could get to the airport for her flight. We had a great weekend. Come back soon, Liz!

PS: Liz wrote about the trip on her blog. You can read about it here: NYC: Day 1, NYC: Day 2, NYC: Day 3.


One response to “Liz’s Visit

  1. yay! i had so much fun! see you when i move there ;)

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