the weekend: shopping, dancing, and sangria

I’m exhausted and my feet are sore. It’s been a great weekend.

My best friend Cate was in town this weekend, and I got to spend virtually all day Saturday with her! She lives in California, and I don’t get to see her nearly enough. We met for breakfast at Friend of a Farmer, and then stopped for a mimosa (that magically turned into two – thanks, friendly bartender!) at Brasserie Les Halles. Cate was actually in town with her boyfriend to see his brother and some friends, so she and her boyfriend met up with some of his friends while I got a much-needed mani-pedi. Cate and I then rejoined and met up with her boyfriend’s brother, who works in fashion, to do some shopping. We both had shopping success!

That evening, I met up with Cate, her boyfriend, and some other people for drinks in the garden at the Hudson Hotel. Our plan was to go dancing after that, but, the longer we sat there, the less interested we were in finding a new location. Then we realized that the lounge had opened up, and we could see people dancing there – so we moved over there and danced for a couple of hours. I hadn’t been dancing in ages. It was so much fun!


taking a dancing break

We started our day with blueberry pancakes, turkey bacon, and iced coffee in bed, which is really how all Sundays should start.


yum, pancakes

Then we met some friends at the Bastille Day party on Smith Street, which is always a good time. Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of us in the guillotine this year – it was pretty warm, and we were actively trying to stay in the shade. We had a couple of cups of sangria and ate some of the grilled sandwiches with fries from Bar Tabac (chicken for me, merguez for the rest of them), and then we called it a day. There was grocery shopping to be done and a home that needed to be cleaned!

now I am in the guillotine

Bastille Day 2009

smiling in the guillotine

Bastille Day 2010

Happy (observed) Bastille Day! I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


2 responses to “the weekend: shopping, dancing, and sangria

  1. I love when I am in your blogs! It makes me feel so special! Miss you already. xoxo

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