why you should always look before putting something in your mouth

I was tired yesterday morning. I was so tired, in fact, that I left for work without any wearing any make-up, but that’s an embarrassment story for another day.

I was tiredly opening a container of yogurt for breakfast, and I licked the lid – as I always do – without looking at it.


Immediately, I recognized an awful taste, although I couldn’t quite place it. I looked down at the yogurt I was holding.



I thought I was never going to get that taste out of my mouth.

Incidentally, I had an English muffin with almond butter for breakfast this morning.


3 responses to “why you should always look before putting something in your mouth

  1. Yuck! I always lick the lids, too. But I do tend to look at them. And I always look at the bottom of an ice cream cone before eating it, after hearing Papa’s story about eating a cone when he was a kid and finding a cockroach in the bottom of it.

    Eaters beware!

  2. One day this week, I rushed out the door sans breakfast and so about 8:30 I was starving. Sitting at my desk, I realized that I had a Lean Pocket I’d left in the fridge at work quite some time ago – pizza (pocket) is a legit breakfast, right? So, it was kept in a mini-fridge at the office where the freezer section doesn’t always work perfect. Needless to say, heated it up, took a bite – exact same experience you had. ROTTEN. NASTY. AWFUL. Lessons learned: 1) ALWAYS keep your Hot Pockets completely frozen; 2) Not even espresso kills a sour, rotten, mold taste in your mouth.

    Hope your taste buds have recovered!

    p.s. Love the new layout!

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