New Englanding: Day Three

This continues our Independence Weekend adventure in New England. For the start of the trip, check out New Englanding: Day One and New Englanding: Day Two.

When we woke up on Monday morning, we were so sore from our climb up Mount Monadnock that we could barely walk. Accordingly, we decided it was a great day for some scenic drives.

We first stopped in Quechee, Vermont to see the Quechee Gorge.


Quechee Gorge

Next on our agenda was finding a waterfall, so we headed off in the direction we believed a waterfall to be. We ended up driving for a bit off the main road and then having to scramble down a muddy slope, but we saw our waterfall.

We continued on our drive towards the Green Mountains, stopping along the way for a crazily crowded antique store and any covered bridges we could find. We ate lunch on a picnic table on the side of the highway, overlooking the rolling mountains. At one point, we stopped in Manchester Center, Vermont for some desperately needed coffee. We found the Spiral Press Cafe, which served cold-brewed ice coffee (yay!), and was within walking distance of a Coach factory store (double yay!). After our coffee, we strolled over there and I got a great deal on a beautiful new bag.

We eventually made our way to Bennington, where we saw the strange Bennington Battle Monument towering above everything else. We had no idea what it could possibly be, so we veered off the highway and hunted it down for a better look, googling it along the way.


Bennington Battle Monument

After our stop in Bennington, we realized that we really had to be heading back to Boston if we wanted to get home at anything close to a reasonable hour, so, without much further ado, we headed back to Boston. We stopped only once to admire the view.


Hogback Mountain Scenic Overlook

We returned the car in Boston (incurring only minor injuries), picked up sandwiches at ABP, and hustled over to the bus station. We got tickets on the 9:00 p.m. bus, leaving Boston in twenty minutes, and got in line. We boarded the bus without incident … and then things fell apart.

There was some shouting in Mandarin at the front of the bus, and then the bus turned off, which seemed like a really bad sign. Apparently, the bus driver was a not Fung Wah employee. He (and his bus) had been chartered for the extra Independence Day weekend trips. For reasons unbeknownst to me, he had decided he was not interested in driving the bus to New York that night, and he had left the bus station. Excellent. We all got off the bus, at which point the bus terminal security started yelling that we couldn’t just stand there, so we were all herded back inside. We got our tickets back and headed back to the counter for a refund, but the guy promised another bus was coming for us. We waited and waited, and it seemed unlikely that there was going to be another bus – and, by this time, the people on the 10:00 bus were intermingled with us.

Marc got our money back from Fung Way and used it to buy tickets on the 10:00 Lucky Star bus. When that bus left, the people on our original bus were all still milling around the terminal, looking disgruntled. I was so happy to be on a bus headed back to New York that I didn’t even mind the gentleman next to me snoring so loudly it was shaking the whole bus.

The end! Thanks for reading about our visit to New England. It was so much fun, and I loved sharing it!


One response to “New Englanding: Day Three

  1. Sorry about your bus misadventure but overall it sounds like you had a nice visit to New England. We enjoy all the day trips that we take. There is so much to see and do in New England.

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