bridal shower and bachelorette party fun

Last weekend we celebrated my good friend Ali’s upcoming nuptials with both her bridal shower and her bachelorette party. It was such a fun weekend! (Yes, I said FUN weekend! /insidejoke) Some of our other friends from law school came to New York for the weekend, and it was great to meet some of Ali’s friends from high school and college.

Our celebration started on Friday night with post-work drinks at Dive 75

Kelley and I are pretty excited to see Liz

… and then moved on to dinner at Hi-Life, which is a kind of hilarious place that serves burgers and sushi. Sometimes together. (For what it’s worth, my veggie burger was really tasty!)

Surf & Turf at the Hi-Life

please note the Surf & Turf

On Saturday, we had the shower at Tree. We had the entire back garden area to ourselves, and Melissa, one of the other bridesmaids, really made it beautiful. She’s so crafty and has such an eye for decoration!

mid-day prosecco

even the straws were cute!

For brunch, we had a fantastic salad and then our choice of vegetable quiche or banana french toast … and plenty of mimosas!

law school friends with the bride-to-be!

unknowingly posing for our future Facebook profile pics

After all the presents had been opened and all the cupcakes had been eaten, we headed home for a brief rest before reconvening at Ali’s apartment for the bachelorette party.

a cocktail and a top hat

There were some drinks, some pizza, more presents, and plenty of dancing before we loaded into cabs and headed down to Kush. We had reserved a private area (that turned out to have curtains!) and gotten a package with some bottles, some snacks (inter alia, delicious bite-sized goat cheese pizzas), and some hookah. We had a blast! The music was great, and we danced all night!

taking a dancing break

time out for a self-photo

We didn’t go to bed until the sun was coming up – the mark of an excellent night!


2 responses to “bridal shower and bachelorette party fun

  1. Awww, love this post! Thanks for such an awesome weekend! :)

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