lazy August weekend

After last weekend’s craziness and the boyfriend just returning from a business trip abroad, a lazy weekend was definitely what we needed! We spent our Friday night dining al fresco on wood-fired pizza at Enoteca on Court, which is a perfectly lovely way to relax on a warm Friday night.

We tackled our messy apartment on Saturday, and then headed out to run some errands (like cash in my Groupon to The Nutbox! hello, delicious dried kiwis and dark chocolate covered almonds!) and lounge about in Argo playing word games. We found whole fish on sale at Whole Foods, and so we decided to try our hand at roasting a whole fish. (I think that’s the most time I’ve ever used the word “whole” in one sentence!)

On Sunday, we did more cleaning (how is it possible that our apartment is never clean? it isn’t that big!) and errand-running, taking a lunch break for some delicious banh mi at Hanco’s. They make a fantastic faux chicken banh mi, and their sandwiches are always double-spicy with both jalapenos and Sriarcha. In the early evening, we had the highlight of the weekend: visiting our friends’ new baby! He was only a week old and such a little doll. I’m smiling just thinking about him.

It’s amazing, but I was so tired from our lazy weekend, that I slept for ten hours last night! I was too tired to write this blog post last night (even though I tried), and I slept right through my alarm this morning, preventing me from writing it this morning! I hope everyone else had fun weekends!


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