let them eat cake

Today is my birthday!  I’m thirty – can you possibly believe it? I’m officially a grown-up.

On Friday, we thought there was at least a 40% chance that we would still be hurricaned in today, so we picked this up on our way home from dinner:


hurricane cake

Emergency birthday cake! Even if there was no power and we were drinking the water out of the bathtub (ew), we would have birthday cake! Gladly, it didn’t come to that.

(PS: It’s okay to laugh at how we were to top my organic cake with Pillsbury “Creamy Supreme” frosting! We did!)


One response to “let them eat cake

  1. thank God that there are emergency cakes. That gives a good response to a great need and this way it let you avoid having problems when organizing a party and there is no time for anything else than to greet the guests. Of course they are hungry to eat everything they see all around!

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