Friday night Ethiopian

After meeting a friend for a post-work cocktail on Friday, we headed out into the drizzly rain looking for dinner. We ended up getting Ethiopian at Awash.  I’ve been a delinquent Yelper (and blogger, and tweeter, and social media-er in general …), but I assigned it four stars and wrote it up. Check it out on Yelp, or, you know, below:

We came across Awash on a drizzling, gloomy night when we were planning on Indian food because it sounded warm and comforting. Injera sounded better to us that night than naan, so we changed our plans and had Ethiopian.

We ordered the meat combination, with collard greens, ground chickpeas, and yellow lentils. The yellow lentils were the weak link – and I think that might have only been because they had a milder flavor than everything else. It was the best Ethiopian we had had in a quite a while.

As I see others have mentioned, the waitstaff wasn’t the most attentive, but, at least in our case, I could understand why: the restaurant was busy (including a large party with possibly the loudest, shrillest girl in Manhattan).

Four solid stars.

I think the last time we had Ethiopian was with Johanna and CJ in DC, and it was a welcome change.


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