fall weather is the best

You always know I’m going to (at least attempt to) start blogging again when I change my blog theme.

It was a fairly dreary week here in New York: day after day of fog, drizzling rain, and general grayness.1

Empire State building Fire or Fog 05

Thankfully, the dreariness had moved on by Saturday, and we had a lovely fall weekend.

nyc fall foliage - central park

We watched some sports,2 ate fresh apples in the farmers market, brunched al fresco, and took a lovely stroll. I tried my hand at some fall baking, with so-so results. I wanted pumpkin bread, but I failed to pay close enough attention to my measuring and added too much liquid. It’s not going to win any beauty contests, but it still tastes good.


And now it’s time to start cooking dinner … cross your fingers we have better results with that than my baking!

1 I did a search in Flickr for foggy NYC pictures, and I came across this weirdly awesome series of photos someone took from the observation deck of the Empire State Building on a very foggy night. I couldn’t link to the actual pictures here, but I highly encourage you to click through and check them out!
2 Sadly, all of our teams lost.


2 responses to “fall weather is the best

  1. took me a second to figure out how to comment. :) Loving footnote #2. Ha.

  2. Your post immediately made me think of “You’ve Got Mail” …
    “Don’t you just love New York in the fall?”
    I’ve never been there, let alone in the fall, but I can imagine it’s wonderful – glad you got to enjoy the beautiful weekend!

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