celebratory weekend in restaurants

Things fell dark over here in part because last weekend totally wore me out.  Not only was it a three-day weekend, but it was Marc’s birthday weekend!  We celebrated pretty much all weekend (except for, of course, the parts where we cleaned our apartment, which was less celebratory).

On Friday night, we took ourselves out to dinner at iCi.  It’s down the street from us, but we had never seen it before (most likely because we always get distracted by our old favorite Black Iris on the previous block when hunting for a dinner location).

source: iCi's yelp page

It boasts “fresh, seasonal, and local,” and, man, was it good.  Marc had shortribs with farro and this little pea shoot salad, and I had swordfish with chard and parsnip-green apple puree.  Have I told you how much I love parsnips?  I wanted to lick the plate clean.  (I might have used some of the amazing complimentary bread to swipe it up.)  We shared a pear tatin with cinnamon whipped cream for dessert (our first of many desserts last weekend).

On Saturday, we used a Gilt voucher to have dinner at No. 7.  Our voucher gave us two appetizers, two entrees, two desserts, and a bottle of red, white, or sparkling wine.  Our first choice was easy: sparkling wine!  We were celebrating, after all.

source: No. 7's website

We chose the grilled romaine and a mushroom salad with fried quinoa for our appetizers, and skirt steak with chimichurri (and broccoli!) and turkey-goose meatloaf for our entrees.  So good.  We celebrated Marc’s birthday at No. 7 two years ago, and I’ve been back once since with my mom (hi, Mom!), but we were left wondering why we don’t eat here more often.  Our dessert choices were easy.  There were only two items on the menu, after all: a vanilla pudding with miso bananas and vanilla wafers, and a chocolate ganache tart with dulce de leche ice cream.  Even though it wasn’t quite his birthday yet when the desserts arrived, they arrived bearing the first of his birthday candles.

On Sunday, Marc’s actual birthday, we joined a few friends for dinner at Olea, a pan-Mediterranean tapas place.

source: Raven L. on Yelp

We shared tons of different tapas: fried green olives, falafel-crusted artichoke hearts, fried chickpeas, patatas bravas, pitas with dips, cheese, salad, and some sort of pizza on a pita.  Patatas bravas is always my favorite tapas item, but the fried chickpeas gave it a run for its money.  We all shared a slice of warm almond tart for dessert – which, of course, had another candle for the birthday boy.

I promise we did something other last weekend than eat, but we went out to so many wonderful restaurants that I had to share them!


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