snowy Saturday

First snow of 2012!


viewing the snow from the warmth of my apartment

And more on the way!

3-5 inches of snow!

Now, I know (read: saw all over facebook) that good old Chicago got hit with some serious snow.


source: mick_chgo on flickr

I refuse to allow that to diminish my enjoyment of this snow.  I have grand plans of cuddling indoors and organizing things all day, with maybe a break to make some homemade soup.  (I thought I saw the boy bring home all the ingredients for my favorite split pea soup from the store last weekend …)  I should probably fold some laundry and do a little bit of work as well, but I plan to do it all without putting on real clothes or my contacts.  Sometimes I love a good reason to stay indoors.

Happy snow day!


2 responses to “snowy Saturday

  1. Hi, i am from the Philippines and perhaps as you know, we don’t have snow here. and i just happen to drop by here, while leafing through people’s blogs online. The snow looks poetic for me. Here in our country, storms bring us the chills and that looks perfect for coffee and some smoke, which most of the time spurs me to writing in a jiffy. I wonder if the snow has the same effect on you? Well, staying indoors are always terrific, just cuddling up, doing something fun, or listening to some Feist or Lady Antebellum. Hey, sorry for romanticizing a bit too much perhaps. But thanks for letting me vicariously experience snow with the picture. :)

  2. Yeah, I used the snow as an excuse to not leave my couch until 6pm on Saturday… it was glorious. What was not glorious was the thunderstorm we had last night that made all the snow/ice come off in sheets from the roof and porch! So scary! Matthew was spooked too. Ha :)

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