indulgence on a gift card

If you follow me on twitter (I don’t blame you for not – my twitter feed is a string of foursquare check-ins at Equinox, comments about how cold my office is, and other similarly thrilling content), you might have noticed I went to a spa after yesterday’s yoga class.  Had you noticed that, you might have been intrigued, as I am pretty low-maintenance.

(Sidebar: At the gym the other morning, I noticed a girl fixing her hair and make-up in one of the mirrors as I entered the locker room after my workout.  She was still working on her appearance by the time I left – after showering and doing my own hair and make-up.  That, my friends, is not low-maintenance.  Now back to the post.)

As I mentioned, I had been feeling really sluggish.  I felt like I was wearing that emotional exhaustion on my face.  Even after the juice cleanse, which improved things (although it was mainly internal improvement), my skin still looked … dull.

And so I headed off to Bliss Spa, armed with the gift certificate my incredibly thoughtful group gave me to welcome me back to the office (who says lawyers are heartless?), to get my very first facial.

Bliss Soho - image from Bliss's website

I got the triple oxygen facial, which is described on the website thusly:

This facial starts with a skin-type-specific peel then follows with a preextraction oxygen wrap, the necessary extractions, application of our Triple Oxygen cream and mask, an energizing, hydrating enzyme pack and a vitaminized oxygen spray. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your face, literally.

I can’t even tell you what most (um, any?) of that means, but it felt amazing.  (Except for the part where the towel across my eyes somehow exerted just the right amount of pressure in just the right location to flip out my left eyelid a bit.  That felt weird.)  My facialist (is that was a word?) was named Tess, and she was so sweet.  I can be a little weird about paying people to touch me (pedicures are the worst), but I felt totally relaxed with Tess.

And, best of all, I came out with glowing skin!  Yay, right?

ignore my wayward hair and focus on my skin

There are so many things wrong with that self-photo, but the point is that I look much more vibrant than I did when I walked in there.  And I feel better.

So much better, in fact, that I spent the rest of Sunday organizing our apartment!  I’m awfully proud of that accomplishment.  It was something of a Herculean feat.

Anybody have more spa experience than me?  Any tips to keep my skin fresh without the spa?


3 responses to “indulgence on a gift card

  1. See, I like a good, old fashioned tan to brighten up my face. But alas, this is bad for me and frowned upon by the general public. Wah. I do want to try and facial though! I’ve just never been able to convince myself to pay for it… which is odd, considering the crap I waste my money on…

  2. Your skin looks fabulous! Let’s go to Mario Badescu some time, their facials are amazing and are only $60 (before the million add-ons you can get, of course).

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