it’s the first day of spring!

Happy first day of spring!  I know, it seems a bit anticlimactic after the “winter” we had this year, but I for one am thrilled that spring is officially here!  I need some green grass and fresh flowers in my life.

Sure sign of Spring - Robin - Bird

source: blmiers2 on flickr

Doesn’t that picture just make you excited for spring? I love robins.

Of course, if that picture doesn’t do it for you, there’s this one:

source: someecards (of course!)

Ha!  I thought that was supremely appropriate, considering I just finished the book this evening and am currently trying to plan a movie date with my girlfriends.


7 responses to “it’s the first day of spring!

  1. I like that ecard! one of my girlfriends text it to me this morning, we’re planning on seeing the movie too. Ha!

    What did you think of the book? Are you going to read the other 2? I still have the 3rd one on my shelf…. I am not a book snob, but I didn’t think it was as “well” written as the likes of Twilight and H. Potter. Kinda reminded me of something I’d write for high school english… and I suck at writing. :)

    • I was surprised (and a little embarrassed) by how much I got into it! I started reading the second one this morning.

      (And I’m going to pretend that you didn’t imply that Twilight was well written. :-P)

      • HAHAHA, ok let me clarify… Twilight may not have been the best written book I’ve ever read, however, I didn’t ever think myself while in the middle of the page “that was a terrible sentence, transition, etc) the way I did with the Hunger Games.

  2. PS: I really like this new format, very pretty!

  3. Haha! That ecard is great! I read all the books and can’t wait to see the movie! The first book was definitely my favorite!

  4. So glad you liked the books!

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