Happy Friday

A couple of pictures for your Friday (let’s pretend it isn’t Saturday yet):

First, I’ve had quiet week in the office and so I spent some time cleaning my desk. I came across this “fortune” from the inside of a European (Slovenian?) candy my officemate brought me at some point (Christmas?).  It’s a variation of “fortune favors the bold:” “fortune prefers those who do not sit around and wait for it.”  I think that’s brilliant.

Second, I went to the dentist yesterday morning.  I don’t hate going to the dentist – I have the best dentist in Brooklyn, seriously, he’s awesome – but nonetheless I don’t enjoy being at any appointment in Park Slope at 8:00 a.m.   I was pleasantly surprised to see these blossoms as I was leaving the dentist.  It looks like spring!

Happy Friday!  Hope your weekends are great!


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