Dine In Brooklyn 2012

We had some fantastic dinners last weekend.  Dine In Brooklyn was going on (and still is! it ends Thursday, March 29), and we took advantage of the deals at a couple of awesome restaurants.

On Friday, visited Luz.  Luz had been recommended to me a couple of times, but we had never gotten around to dining there.  We were starving by the time we got there, so we demolished the plantain chips (and delicious red sauce) they offered us to start and got started on our drinks (beer for him, a “Vampirta” — blood orange juice, cointreau, ginger-infused tequila, and lime — for me).

Luz - image source: Luz's website

We then proceeded to order one of everything from the Dine In Brooklyn menu.  (How often do you get to say?)  They were offering mixed ceviche or tamales with duck confit and fig-balsamic glaze for appetizers, seared fluke with a coconut sauce and black rice or steak with gnocchi for entrees, and vanilla panna cotta with passionfruit sauce or chocolate bread pudding with raspberry sauce with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

On Saturday, we went to Applewood, which is a locavore type of place located in a brownstone in Park Slope.  They served us fresh bread with three spreads — one of which was a green lentil spread that tasted like split pea soup in spread form.

Applewood - image source: Madhav T. on Yelp

 The Dine In Brooklyn menu was expanded beyond the traditional two choices for each course with a couple of items that you could choose for an additional charge.  For the appetizer, I had sweet potato soup with smoked maple syrup, and Marc upgraded to scallops with sunchoke puree and a citrus salad, which was a fantastic idea both because it was delicious and because the other appetizer was a beet (ew, beets!) salad.  We ordered the rest of our meals from the set menu: sauteed hake with carrot puree and candied kumquats or duck breast with cannellini bean cassoulet for the entrees, grilled parsnip cake with cinnamon ice cream or caramelized apple bread pudding with buttermilk ice cream for dessert, and a white wine specially priced for Dine In Brooklyn.

If you haven’t made it to Dine In Brooklyn yet, there’s still time!  Try somewhere and let me know how it is!

☆ Extra Credit: Last year during Dine In Brooklyn, we visited Bacchus.


One response to “Dine In Brooklyn 2012

  1. sweet potater soup sounds delish!!!

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