pizza at Sottocasa

Sometimes you just have to have pizza.  That’s how we felt on Saturday evening after we bicycled home from Brooklyn Bridge Park, where we had spent the afternoon hanging out with our friends and their adorable (and energetic!) baby. (Are one-year-olds “babies”?)  It would have felt like defeat to order Domino’s, and I would have been sad that we didn’t have any veggies to supplement the meal, so we Yelped a nearby pizza place (that was not the Luv-N-Oven) and headed out.

After a short detour to Trader Joe’s to replenish our coffee supply (because Sunday mornings aren’t particularly bearable without coffee), we arrived at Sottocasa.  We sat in the backyard, which had picnic tables and herbs growing on the perimeter, and, to my delight, a guy came around offering us a tasting of a sparkling wine and a rosé.  (Rosé is not really my thing, but I’m never one to turn down free wine.)


remnants of the Verdure pizza

We got a tasty (and plentiful) arugula salad to split, and also a Diavola pizza (tomatoes, mozzarella, hot soppressata, black olives, and basil) and a Verdure pizza (tomatoes, mozzarella, eggplant, radichio, mushroom, carmelized onions, and basil).  It was pretty fantastic.

And someone was happy to have leftover pizza for breakfast the next morning.


One response to “pizza at Sottocasa

  1. 1) Seriously, I had the same thought about babies last night. Elliot is 16mo and I wondered to myself if he is still a legitimate baby.
    2) Never turn away free wine.
    3) I had pizza on Sunday, from Giordano’s and it wasn’t nearly as good as yours sounded. :) I also had it for dinner the next night. Sorry ’bout it.

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