the one time I forget my iPhone on my desk

I went to the firm cafeteria around 6 pm to grab a soda. (Don’t judge. It was a Diet Dr. Pepper. And I knew I was going to be in the for the long haul tonight.) So I grab my soda and head to the register and happen to notice a stack of pizza boxes. ON FIRE. I’m not talking about some smoldering pizza boxes (which would still be kind of intriguing); I’m talking about flames, serious FLAMES, leaping from the boxes.

And, of course, I forgot my iPhone on my desk. Sorry. This post would definitely be improved by the inclusion of a picture of fire.

Anyway, a cafeteria employee smothered the flames (I think, anyway – she did it behind the counter, but the place hasn’t burned down yet, so I’m going to assume she successfully put out the fire) and I returned to my desk.

(Where I remain. Sigh.)


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