Okay, first, nobody freak out.  I know if you are a subscriber, you’ve gotten a bunch of emails (and I’m setting you up to get a whole bunch more).  Sorry.  Spam from me is just one of the prices you pay to subscribe to this (sadly) neglected blog.

If you’re interested, I wanted to start posting again (and hopefully growing an audience) but then I started wondering if I may have been indiscreet in the past with details that would lead strangers to, for example, know where I live.  So I had this idea that I would private everything and review and then repost.  But I have over 500 posts!  That was going to take a long time.

I am unimpressed by WordPress automatically emailing all my subscribers when I’m screwing around with administrative stuff.

Of course, I didn’t realize that until I had already started.  Sigh.  And then the dates got messed up on some stuff.  Double sigh.  So … you’re going to get a lot more annoying emails from WordPress on my behalf … but hopefully you’ll soon be getting posting emails from me!


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