I need more green smoothies in my life

Here’s the funny1 thing about the hurricane: while we were hunkered down, we ate really poorly.  Remember our hurricane rations?  We also made hurricane cookies.2


And in the following days we ordered in Thai and pizza.  Oh, and ate more of that ice cream.

And it wasn’t just us.  My officemate, who lives in the Village and lost power, remarked that she had been eating really poorly since the storm.  People mentioned it to Marc while volunteering today.  And, of course, there was Jezebel’s gif rendition of our collective reaction to the hurricane, featuring plenty of manic eating.

Why is that?  Why did we collectively start carb-loading?3  I’ve been surprised at the amount of bread and crackers I’ve been able to consume since the spectre of the storm arrived.  (I tried to offset that this morning with a green smoothie, but I think it’s going to take at least 40 more green smoothies to undo the pizza, cookie, and ice cream damage.)

green smoothie

I’m sure there’s some sort of scientific or otherwise rational explanation.  Carbs are comfort food?  We’re  too lazy to go out and buy fresh veggies?  (That can’t be true; we made it through the entire storm with a bunch of kale in the refrigerator, which I finally ate today for lunch.)

Who knows?  Not me!  More green smoothies!

1 Not that I found the hurricane to be particularly “funny.” People lost their homes and their loved ones; there was incredible devastation. Marc was out volunteering at Coney Island and the Rockaways this weekend (while I was stuck at home with work), and he said there’s still just so much to do.
2 Follow this recipe, but swap half the canola oil for applesauce, and sub in a bunch of chocolate chunks instead of raisins or walnuts (chocolate FTW).  You’re welcome.
3 Those of us lucky enough to worry about such trivialities.


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