Wanderlust Wednesday: Finnish Igloo Village

While trudging through the snow during last week’s brief Nor’Easter, I remembered the igloo village I had seen on Pinterest, and I decided I would immediately go home and put up a Wanderlust Wednesday featuring that igloo village.

Clearly, I didn’t do that.  I went home and went to sleep instead.  So please enjoy the igloo village for this week’s Wanderlust Wednesday!

igloos under the stars! photo picked up from Pinterest, let me know if you have a source

Doesn’t that look lovely?  It’s the Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland.  They hand out woolen socks and they recommend drinking hot chocolate before bed.  My last Wednesday would have been greatly improved if someone had handed me woolen sock and hot chocolate once I came inside from the Nor’Easter.


2 responses to “Wanderlust Wednesday: Finnish Igloo Village

  1. These look incredible – yet another thing for my ‘must do’ list!

  2. I wish someone would give me wool socks and hot drink every winter night before bed.

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