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I’m the mayor of my gym.

That is all.

well that was short-lived

I didn’t even get a chance to brag that I was the mayor!


Do you remember when I said I had my sights on the mayorship of Cong Ly?

I have succeeded!


my inner Girl Scout

Foursquare is a funny thing. Ostensibly, the idea behind the website is to facilitate meeting up with friends. When you arrive at a new location, you “check in” to it on your phone, and then your friends can use it to see where you are.

I only have one friend on foursquare, and she lives in Indianapolis. I’m obviously not using the site to keep tabs on my friends. So why do I continue to check in?

Badges! My inner Girl Scout gets deliriously happy when a new badge is acquired. As you can see in the image above, I currently have ten badges. They are, from left to right, top to bottom:

★ Newbie: awarded for my first check-in
★ Adventurer: awarded for checking into ten different venues
★ Explorer: awarded for checking into twenty-five different venues
★ Superstar: awarded for checking into fifty different venues
★ Bender: awarded for checking in for four nights in a row
★ Local: awarded for checking into the same place three times in a week
★ Super User: awarded for checking in thirty times in a month
★ Brooklyn 4 Life: awarded for checking into twenty-five venues in Brooklyn
★ Gym Rat: awarded for checking into the gym ten times in a month
★ Swarm: awarded for checking into a venue in which fifty other people are currently checked in

My Brooklyn 4 Life badge is my favorite – I finally received it last night!

Another entirely amusing aspect of foursquare is that it allowed me to become the mayor of Landmark Cafe and Creperie. One becomes the mayor of a particular venue when one has checked in more times than anyone else. The fact that foursquare hasn’t really caught on yet in Galesburg, Illinois worked to my advantage, and I became mayor the second time I checked in.

You’ll notice that’s my picture over the title “mayor.” Sadly, my mayorship was short-lived.

I now have to find somewhere else to become the mayor of – I have my eye on Cong Ly.