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I helped my mom with the sweet potato casserole yesterday (it was the most fun of the Thanksgiving projects: it involved smashing sweet potatoes and chopping up nuts with a new knife!), and it ended up quite a lovely casserole, if I do say so myself.  It also ended up a casserole with (despite us revising the recipe) almost unconscionable amounts of butter and sugar.

You kind of know that going into Thanksgiving, though.  I don’t think I had a green vegetable yesterday that wasn’t part of a casserole.  And there was pie!

Accordingly, this morning I woke in desperate need of a green smoothie.

I headed off to the grocery store for supplies, hoping I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew since I was sporting a greasy top-knot and wearing my pajama shirt with jeans.  I grabbed some spinach, almond milk, almond butter, and bananas (and some chocolate bunnies because I am powerless to resist chocolate bunnies), and I was in business.

Isn’t it lovely?  Mom has a much nicer blender here than I have at home.  I feel 95% better already.  Now if I could only get some coffee around here …


I need more green smoothies in my life

Here’s the funny1 thing about the hurricane: while we were hunkered down, we ate really poorly.  Remember our hurricane rations?  We also made hurricane cookies.2


And in the following days we ordered in Thai and pizza.  Oh, and ate more of that ice cream.

And it wasn’t just us.  My officemate, who lives in the Village and lost power, remarked that she had been eating really poorly since the storm.  People mentioned it to Marc while volunteering today.  And, of course, there was Jezebel’s gif rendition of our collective reaction to the hurricane, featuring plenty of manic eating.

Why is that?  Why did we collectively start carb-loading?3  I’ve been surprised at the amount of bread and crackers I’ve been able to consume since the spectre of the storm arrived.  (I tried to offset that this morning with a green smoothie, but I think it’s going to take at least 40 more green smoothies to undo the pizza, cookie, and ice cream damage.)

green smoothie

I’m sure there’s some sort of scientific or otherwise rational explanation.  Carbs are comfort food?  We’re  too lazy to go out and buy fresh veggies?  (That can’t be true; we made it through the entire storm with a bunch of kale in the refrigerator, which I finally ate today for lunch.)

Who knows?  Not me!  More green smoothies!

1 Not that I found the hurricane to be particularly “funny.” People lost their homes and their loved ones; there was incredible devastation. Marc was out volunteering at Coney Island and the Rockaways this weekend (while I was stuck at home with work), and he said there’s still just so much to do.
2 Follow this recipe, but swap half the canola oil for applesauce, and sub in a bunch of chocolate chunks instead of raisins or walnuts (chocolate FTW).  You’re welcome.
3 Those of us lucky enough to worry about such trivialities.

first downward dog of 2012

First up, sorry about the theme-induced whiplash.  One of the awesome things about WordPress is that they are constantly introducing new, free blog themes.  I’m easily seduced by shiny new layouts – hence, the frequent changing of the blog theme.  This one looks pretty good, though, right?

Moving right along.  I’ve had a pleasantly productive Sunday.  I took my first yoga class in … wow, I don’t even know long.  I don’t think I’ve taken a yoga class since I started working out at Equinox, and I joined Equinox in June.  Eesh.  That’s even longer than I thought.  It had become this vicious cycle: I was afraid to go to yoga because of how off my yoga game I was, and that just meant that, as more time went on, I got even farther and father from where I wanted to be.  So I wouldn’t go.

Also, Equinox is more intimidating than Crunch.  So there’s that.

I always loved Crunch, but it – at least the locations I visited – was always kind of like working out in a basement.  The woman I took yoga from at the Union Square Crunch was hilarious; it certainly was not a serious yoga class.  (That is not to say that she didn’t lead us through challenging poses and sets – she did – but, come on, how serious can the class be when it’s called Virgin Yoga?)

Equinox on the other hand, is aesthetically pleasing and pretty luxe.  (The Kiehl’s products in the shower are better than the products I have in my own shower – which makes getting ready for work there that much more appealing!)  People look a lot more serious about their exercising in there.  And then there’s the way the yoga studio looks.

yoga studio at Equinox Soho - image from the Equinox website

See my point?  That’s not the kind of place for a girl with a sloppy chaturanga (and “sloppy” is being generous) who has been known to fall out Warrior 1.

But, as my coffee mug (filled with pencils) reminds me, Do one thing every day that scares you.  So today that thing was to slink back to yoga.

And it was fantastic.  I’m really, dismally out of fighting yoga shape.  (Do yogis fight?  Seems unlikely.)  But I got through it, and I feel a million times better for it.  Unfortunately, the girl who taught the class today – who was awesome and approachable, the way I like my yoga instructors – was just a sub.  Now I’ve got my eye on some weekday yoga classes …

That really only gets us up to 10:30 a.m. of my productive day, but I’m hungry, so the rest will have to wait!

in which I tell you about my juice cleanse

I did a juice cleanse this week.  If you can catch a glimpse of my messy desk in the picture that I snapped, you might see why.  There’s a box of Day-Quil, which is leaning against a (hidden) bottle of Excedrin Migraine, with a little container of ibuprofin in front of it.

In short, I have not felt all that well.

I know that I have legitimate reasons for not feeling well (grief, stress, the fact that the temperature in our office is such that I’m shivering even when it’s sixty-plus degrees outside), but I was really tired of it.

Enter the juice cleanse.  Three days of juicing later, I feel much, much better.  The week before last, I had been so tired all the time that I only half-jokingly suggested that I might have mono.  When one of my good friends came up from DC to visit, I could barely keep my eyes open past midnight.  Post-juice, however, I have so much energy!  (And in an exciting use of that energy, I think I might actually clean our apartment today!)

I was initially a little skeptical of the whole thing.  Three days on just juice?  That didn’t seem like a particularly good – or even feasible – idea.  But my friend (who has done the cleanse before and was doing it again with me) encouraged me, and I found myself picking up eighteen bottles of Cooler Cleanse juice at the Juice Generation in Soho on Monday.

The idea is this: you get six juices a day and you drink them about two hours apart.  We did a “custom cooler” to avoid the beet-based juice, so my schedule included two green juices, one sweet green juice, two fruit-based juices, and one nut milk.  Surprisingly, I didn’t get that hungry.  I certainly did get hungry when it was almost time to have another juice, but it wasn’t any different than the way I get hungry before lunch or dinner.  The most uncomfortable part was the caffeine headache I had the first day.

And now I’m off to put my boundless new energy to good use before it wears off.  Happy Saturday!