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Friday Links

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This is not how you want a deposition to go.
☆ As I’m still obsessed with The Wire (even though we have finished the show, *sniff*), I was delighted that Vulture ran a slideshow of which shows have cast the most Wire alumni.
☆ I love typewriters. I routinely ogle them at the Flea. I’m sad to see them go.
☆ Have you ever wondered what some literary classics would sound like as trashy romance novels? Wonder no more.

It looks like we’re in for a nice, sunny weekend here in Brooklyn. Happy weekend, everyone!


Friday Links

☆ There’s a new Hyperbole and a Half! The simple dog gets away.
☆ A young visitor was decidedly not impressed by MoMA.
☆ I’m still sad that they canceled All My Children, and I didn’t even watch that show.
☆ The mayor of Florence thinks he can control the Jersey Shore cast by prohibiting them from being filmed drinking in public (among other things). I think this man is unaware what he is in for.
☆ Has anyone else seen the show about couponing? They have so much cereal. It’s kind of disgusting.
☆ We finally finished watching The Wire last night. (I’m so sad that it’s over!) Here’s an old article I found discussing television’s great anti-heroes, which includes one of my Wire favorites. (It’s noted that people surveyed also included Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in that list, and to that I must agree.)

Happy weekend!

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Friday Links

A few links for your weekend – but not too many, as I was half-blind all week:

☆ Lightning struck the Empire State Building three times during the most recent storm! See it happen.
☆ The postal service puts the Statue of Liberty on a stamp … except they chose the Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas.
☆ VegNews just got busted for using stock photos of meat in their vegetarian lifestyle magazine.
☆ Museums are saving money by repackaging their own collections. (I love learning about museums!)
☆ Visit a national park for free next week!
☆ More soap operas have heard the death knell. I hope my beloved The Bold and the Beautiful remains safe!

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Friday Links

Happy Friday! We’re heading down to the DC today, and, although it’s probably not the best weekend to visit our nation’s capital, it will be nice to get out of town. New York is notoriously hard (read: often prohibitively expensive) to escape from, but bus tickets to other major East Coast cities are reasonable.

Here are a few links to start your weekend:
☆ Brooklyn is one of the “15 Best Place to See Right Now.” (“Because there’s nothing cooler than being among the first at the hippest spots in the city – way before the tour buses pull in.”)
☆ Gala Darling put out A Modern Gal’s Guide to Femininity. If you do nothing else, check out the Tolstoy quote image at the end of the piece.
☆ A fellow Smartly New York writer describes attending a Lady Gaga concert with her daughter and finds a connection with the artist herself.
☆ Jersey Shore got pretty grim there at the end of last season, and it looks like MTV has figured out how to get rid of the bad elements (Sam and Ron, and, to a lesser degree, The Situation): Snooki, JWoww, and Pauly D are getting spin-offs. What about Vinny?
☆ I love the Muppets, and I love this tiny Muppet Show theater!

Speaking of the Muppets … the Muppet theme has been inexplicably in my head for a while:

Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?

Friday Links

☆ An attorney learns that predicting the end of the world doesn’t get him an earlier trial date. [Overheard in New York]

Cats quote Charlie Sheen. It’s as strangely amusing as it sounds.

☆ … but, speaking of Charlie Sheen: The Argument You’re Having with Yourself About Charlie Sheen. I saw this Wednesday morning after having basically the same conversation with friends at a bar the night before. [Vulture]

☆ Here’s a tip sheet on how to get photographed by street style photographers. The advice is hilarious and awesome, including: “Wear a shoe as a hat, make a skirt from your shower curtain, steal some construction worker’s uniform to go with your Jil Sander plastic bag.” [Garance Dore]

☆ I went to a CLE program this week that addressed juries and how to keep the jurors interested. The instructor shared this hilarious letter to a judge from a frustrated juror. (I then tracked it down on the internet. I love how everything is on the internet.) [Jonathon]

☆ The Oatmeal Project involved eating oatmeal every day for the entire month of February … but crazy oatmeal (nacho oatmeal, hummus oatmeal, etc.), not the standard raisin-walnut-cinnamon oatmeal that I eat every day. [Tastespotting]

Animals! Make sure to check out the red squirrel. [Smithsonian]

Happy Friday!

ETA: I had to add this one last link after I had published this post:

☆ My hometown paper circulates a ghost story about one of the popular bars in town. [The Register-Mail]

Friday Links

☆ Gothamist has an image-based comparison of Chicago and New York, my two favorite cities to call home.

☆ Did you know that you’re not allowed to bring Kinder Eggs into the US? I didn’t.

☆ Apparently there’s a peanut butter “art exhibit” at Peanut Butter & Co. I find this entertaining.

☆ I love banh mi. I’ve not yet tried the one Serious Eats ranked the best in New York, though!

☆ We don’t have a pizza stone, and our homemade pizza, as a result, can be a little smushy. YumSugar has an idea for crisping up the pizza without a pizza stone.

☆ A fellow writer for Smartly New York talks about searching for the “sweet spot” in yoga. It gives me hope that someday I’ll be able to get into the backbend!

Happy Friday!

Friday Links

Happy Friday!

☆ Here’s that article on the Bolivian circus lions I mentioned! [WSJ]

☆ Do you have 36 Hours in Brooklyn? Here’s what to do with it. [NYT]

☆ I’m intrigued by the hot chocolate festival, and I keep meaning to go check it out. Doesn’t hot chocolate sound good? [Grits in the City]

☆ The Times is taken to task over its article on banh mi. [Serious Eats]

Some actors from my favorite soap were on the View the other day. Please note Ridge’s boots. [CBS]

☆ The drinking on Jersey Shore, How I Met Your Mother, Always Sunny, and others is analyzed. [Vulture]

☆And, finally, because we’ve been watching Jeopardy! this week, here’s Cliff Clavin facing off against Alex Trebeck: