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Wanderlust Wednesday: Finnish Igloo Village

While trudging through the snow during last week’s brief Nor’Easter, I remembered the igloo village I had seen on Pinterest, and I decided I would immediately go home and put up a Wanderlust Wednesday featuring that igloo village.

Clearly, I didn’t do that.  I went home and went to sleep instead.  So please enjoy the igloo village for this week’s Wanderlust Wednesday!

igloos under the stars! photo picked up from Pinterest, let me know if you have a source

Doesn’t that look lovely?  It’s the Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland.  They hand out woolen socks and they recommend drinking hot chocolate before bed.  My last Wednesday would have been greatly improved if someone had handed me woolen sock and hot chocolate once I came inside from the Nor’Easter.


Wanderlust Wednesday: Hoi An

Look at those lights!  Lantern Festival, Hoi An, Vietnam, August 2008.
Hoi An
Check out my whole Hoi An set on Flickr.

Extra Credit:
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Wanderlust Wednesday: British Columbia

My girlfriends and I saw The Hunger Games tonight (more on that later, I promise!), and one of the previews was for the last installment of that other young adult juggernaut, Twilight.  (I guess the last movie is called Breaking Dawn: Part Two, but they’re all Twilight to me.)  The preview was kind of lame (maybe they figured the Hunger Games audience was likely enemy territory), but it did have a lovely scenery shot.

image source: panduh on Flickr

Twilight was filmed at least partially in Vancouver, British Columbia, so I’ve got a lovely shot of British Columbia (courtesy of user panduh on Flickr) for you. I’ve never been to British Columbia or the Northwestern United States, but I’d love to visit that area sometime.  Can’t you almost taste the fresh air?

Wanderlust Wednesday: Karnak

On my travel page, I noticed I had only one post linked from my trip to Egypt in 2006. That had to change!

lonely legs

Karnak, Spring 2006

I love this photo from our trip to Karnak. There’s something about those legs, just standing there alone, that gets me.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Great Wall of China

Welcome back to Wanderlust Wednesday!

Olympic pride on the wall

Great Wall of China, August 2007

I thought I’d continue the Chinese theme with the Great Wall of China. I can’t imagine that I haven’t posted this picture before – because I love it – but I don’t think that I did. We visited the Great Wall during our trip to China in August 2007 with a tour group full of domestic Chinese tourists. Because we were the only non-Mandarin speakers on our tour, the tour guide let us go off and explore the wall on our own. We scrambled as far along the wall as time (and the path) would allow before reuniting with our group for the bus ride back to Beijing. Climbing the wall is quite a workout, but you can’t beat the experience.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! (I learned how to say Happy New Year in Mandarin at work today.)

Year of the Dragon

source: rvnix on flickr

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, marking the start of the year of the Dragon.  According to Wikipedia, the Year of the Dragon is the considered the luckiest year of the Chinese zodiac.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I could definitely use some luck!

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Dragon tags on my Flickr

dancing and mountains

We spent this past weekend in Colorado, and it was a great change of pace. A friend of Marc’s was getting married just outside of Denver on Friday night, and, after having a fantastic time at the wedding and the reception, we spent the rest of the weekend hanging around Colorado. We headed out west and up into the mountains on Saturday, and, although we didn’t do any mountain climbing (certainly not the kind of scrambling-up-the-mountain climbing that we did in New Hampshire!), we hiked a ways at such a high altitude that we were surrounded by a flurry of snow. Despite the fact that I wished I had my mittens, it was amazing.


Between the dancing all night at the wedding, spending time with Marc’s friends, and getting into the mountains, we had a fantastic weekend in Colorado.