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I helped my mom with the sweet potato casserole yesterday (it was the most fun of the Thanksgiving projects: it involved smashing sweet potatoes and chopping up nuts with a new knife!), and it ended up quite a lovely casserole, if I do say so myself.  It also ended up a casserole with (despite us revising the recipe) almost unconscionable amounts of butter and sugar.

You kind of know that going into Thanksgiving, though.  I don’t think I had a green vegetable yesterday that wasn’t part of a casserole.  And there was pie!

Accordingly, this morning I woke in desperate need of a green smoothie.

I headed off to the grocery store for supplies, hoping I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew since I was sporting a greasy top-knot and wearing my pajama shirt with jeans.  I grabbed some spinach, almond milk, almond butter, and bananas (and some chocolate bunnies because I am powerless to resist chocolate bunnies), and I was in business.

Isn’t it lovely?  Mom has a much nicer blender here than I have at home.  I feel 95% better already.  Now if I could only get some coffee around here …


in which I tell you about my juice cleanse

I did a juice cleanse this week.  If you can catch a glimpse of my messy desk in the picture that I snapped, you might see why.  There’s a box of Day-Quil, which is leaning against a (hidden) bottle of Excedrin Migraine, with a little container of ibuprofin in front of it.

In short, I have not felt all that well.

I know that I have legitimate reasons for not feeling well (grief, stress, the fact that the temperature in our office is such that I’m shivering even when it’s sixty-plus degrees outside), but I was really tired of it.

Enter the juice cleanse.  Three days of juicing later, I feel much, much better.  The week before last, I had been so tired all the time that I only half-jokingly suggested that I might have mono.  When one of my good friends came up from DC to visit, I could barely keep my eyes open past midnight.  Post-juice, however, I have so much energy!  (And in an exciting use of that energy, I think I might actually clean our apartment today!)

I was initially a little skeptical of the whole thing.  Three days on just juice?  That didn’t seem like a particularly good – or even feasible – idea.  But my friend (who has done the cleanse before and was doing it again with me) encouraged me, and I found myself picking up eighteen bottles of Cooler Cleanse juice at the Juice Generation in Soho on Monday.

The idea is this: you get six juices a day and you drink them about two hours apart.  We did a “custom cooler” to avoid the beet-based juice, so my schedule included two green juices, one sweet green juice, two fruit-based juices, and one nut milk.  Surprisingly, I didn’t get that hungry.  I certainly did get hungry when it was almost time to have another juice, but it wasn’t any different than the way I get hungry before lunch or dinner.  The most uncomfortable part was the caffeine headache I had the first day.

And now I’m off to put my boundless new energy to good use before it wears off.  Happy Saturday!

banana bread!

I know the saying is that one bad apple spoils the bunch, but, man, what they really mean is that one bad banana spoils the bunch. I happened to set some fresh bananas down on the counter next to a banana that was almost past its prime, and, before I could even blink, they were all brown and smushy.

The silver lining here is that I got to make banana bread!

I made cherry walnut banana bread from FatFree Vegan Kitchen. I’ve made this bread before, and I think it is tasty! It’s obviously much lighter than normal banana bread, but I like it that way.